Friday, June 10, 2011

Updates on Merry (part 3)

Received email from Ai Ney on Merry’s Update.

It’s been slightly more than 1 month since Merry’s surgery on her 2 hind legs with severe luxating patella. Her right hind leg, which was more severely handicapped than the left, was operated on twice as the vet wanted to correct the leg as best he could. Sometimes, Merry would be limping with 3 legs, and other times, she walks fine on all fours. Nevertheless, Merry can now walk much better and even run!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to you for helping towards Merry’s surgery cost. The total bill came up to RM2,650. This is after a huge discount from the vet. There will be follow up visits at the vet’s, with minimal vet fees. We received an overwhelming response from kind people like you who made a generous contribution. The balance amount will be channeled towards the upkeep of Merry and our other rescued dogs, who are awaiting permanent good homes. Their pictures are in the collage attached. Kindly help share it with your contacts.

Julie and I have discussed on whether Merry should be up for adoption. We’ve decided that we would try and rehome Merry. If we can find Merry a good home (we would never settle for anything less), we will then have the space to rescue/foster another dog in need. Should there be no good permanent home for Merry, she will then stay with us. Merry is very lovable and such a manja-pot. Who would have guessed she was rescued from the street! She is also very protective of her puppies and current home, an extremely good dog.

You will find here that we’ve helped Merry designed a Thank You card as a sign of her appreciation. We are sure she would do it herself if she could!

With sincere thanks,
Julie and Ai Ney :)

Watch Merry walk and run after her surgery:

If you want to backtrack and watch how Merry’s legs used to be like:

Merry thanks NICOLE 
Dogs adoption_June2011

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