Thursday, June 2, 2011

Till We Meet Again

Our senior furrizen Docky was found sleeping soundly yesterday and forgotten to wake up. R.I.P. Docky...

His cheeky smile never failed to bring us sunshine

Docky is the most senior furrizens at the shelter, and prolly the healthiest one around. How old was he when he was rescued? The rescuer Vivian mentioned that she first met Docky as a lil pup during her kindergarten years. And now the rescuer is already 18 years old. So you do the maths ;) *Click here to read about Docky & Vivian's story*

At age of prolly 12 or 13, he did not suffer from the common old age disease like cataract and joint problem. Whenever you drop by to visit at the shed, you can always see him running around happily, basking under the sun, playing with the pups or wagging his bushy tail to get your attention. All dogs crave for attention, don't they? Or worse still, you might need to separate him from picking a fight with other handsome hunks at the shed. He was pretty tolerant with ladies n kids, but never ever give in when there is any male dogs (adult) within his territory.

I'm a fighter, not a lover

You will be amazed at how the tai kor got along with lil pups really really well

He has been with us for a year. When we got him in last year, his left ears n front leg were injured and infested by disgusting maggots. Throughout his stay with us, the gangsta boy still picked fight with other chaps occasionally, bit those aunties who separated him from dog fight accidentally or worse still, injured himself n got half of his left ear chopped due to maggots wound. Click here to read more about how he lost his ear.

Enjoying his daily walk

Super short legs + unique coat = Docky
We could have gotten him adopted easily with his unique hairstyle if he wasn't that OLD

He looked eXxtremely cute with his short n sturdy legs

Young at heart - R Clear eyes - R
Pearly white teeth - R
Healthy joints - R
Big bright smile - R

In loving memory of Docky the gangsta boy

Dear Docky, we hope that you enjoyed the time you stay with us. The aunties and puppies under your care surely miss your presence and big bright smile.

Till we meet again... All dogs go to heaven and abusers go to hell!!! If you would like to meet Docky and our other furrizens in the heaven next time, please help us to help them!!! Spend two minutes and sign the online petition. If you have already signed the petition, post the link in your facebook and spread the words around. Make a difference :)

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