Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For Adoption: Tom Angus The Handsome Kitty

By Rescuer Lynette Lim:

TOM WAS RESCUED a few weeks ago. He was wandering around outside my friend's office looking for scraps to eat. The scrawny little tyke was skin and bones. He pulled at my friend's heartstrings and she bundled him up in a box to bring to me for fostering.

He had a fungal infection and this had made him lose a lot of hair. After weeks of treatment most of it has grown back and he now has a lovely striped orange tabby coat and an elegant long tail. He is long limbed and lean. A white patch on his chest is the extra touch of cuteness that makes him irresistible.

Personality-wise, he is very affectionate and playful. He loves attention and cuddles from both humans and other cats alike. Mischevious, he can often be found wrestling with my other cats or stealing food from my dog. Tom loves attention and doesn't like to be alone. It would be great if he could find a home with other cats or perhaps a dog.

Adoption Procedure:

- Set up a meeting with me and Tom Angus
- We'll have a chat and see if you and Tom are suitable for each other.
- Successful adopter will then have to meet us at my vet in order to get the little tyke vaccinated. Then your new family member is yours to take home and love forever.
- Cost of vaccinations and neutering to be borne by adopter. I am primarily an independent rescuer/fosterer. My funds are extremely limited.
- I do appreciate occasional updates and photos after a successful adoption!

Vaccinations and neutering/spaying at 6 months of age are compulsory for adoption. There are already too many stray homeless animals starving and suffering in the streets.. Please don't breed. When you want more pets, you can always ADOPT from a shelter.

No cage confinement please, except in incidences of illness or injury.

Interested parties can contact Lynette at 012-2917213. A brief introduction of yourself and your experience with cats is greatly appreciated.

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