Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clever Susie

If you ever visited the shelter, you’ll see that it is divided into a few section and each section is separated by a door.

There’s a good reason for this.. it is to keep furrizens that don’t get along well with each other apart so they don’t get into fights.

Thus it is very important for us to always close the doors after us when going into one section into another.


IMG_0265 IMG_0310


This is Susie. She loves visitors and she loves following them around.. and she is very clever!


IMG_0105 IMG_0243 IMG_0242


Figuring out how to open the door… I didn’t think much of this until..


IMG_0252 IMG_0240


I saw with my own eyes how she managed to turn the wooden “knob”, push the door and sneak into another section!

I’m pretty sure there are others in the shelter that knows how to do this too coz there are times when we see other furrizens wandering in the section where they don’t belong to,

but we just assumed that we forgot to close the door. Now we know it’s not >_<


IMG_0262 IMG_0263

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