Sunday, February 15, 2015


Anna (in cage) has not been spayed yet as she has just been rescued off the streets last week. She is on heat now, hence so many male dogs are surrounding her. 

Note though that all male dogs at our shelter are castrated (except the very old ones) in line with our policy - Spay and Don't Multiply 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fund Raiser by Sunway University Students

It is so exhilarating to know that there are youths who feel passionate and compassionate about the animal welfare cause so much so,  they actually spend time and take action to contribute towards it. 

Many thanks to Sunway University Psychology Faculty's students - Christelle, Siew Wee, Ruby, Ivy and Joanne for holding a fund raiser at their campus in support of Second Chance Animal Shelter. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kelly and her Gangnam Style

Ever seen a doggie does a Gangnam Style? Second Chance proudly presents - Kelly! our happy girl replicating what we interpret as the famous Korean dance move.....

On top of that, we believe this particular talent has garnered Kelly a monthly sponsorship too. Thanks Ms Leong Ai Wei for your support and generosity! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Adoption Drive at IOI Mall on 25th Jan'15 - 23 furkids found their homes!

25th Jan'15 was an awesome day for our shelter children as 23 of our furkids found their homes! We also received a lot of donation in kind. Really BIG THANK YOU to every supporter, donor and adopter who gave us such a fantastic day. Also not forgetting the volunteers who helped out - Ruby, Siew Wee & Christelle (Sunway University Students), Jadee, Sugar, Angela, Hing Yee, Steve & Fiona.

Below are some photos of that awesome day!

Patiently waiting to be adopted.....

Thanks to Kuah Kah Shen & friend for sponsoring our neutering program

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Patricia - The Live Paper Shredder

Happy Sunday folks! Here is Patricia showing her foster mama that she has finished reading the newspaper 

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Dr. Au of VPAC has a tough time trying to get our Subang, Roger, Jackie and other senior dogs to be vaccinated. Thanks Dr. Au for the great effort!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Neutering/Spaying Session 2

Few days ago, Dr. Lim and Dr Puspa of SPCA Selangor came to our shelter in Hulu Langat and helped to neuter/spay 13 dogs and 1 cat. It took them whole morning to perform the surgery.

Out of the 13 dogs, 7 belong to SCAS. 2 dogs were stray that we caught along the way to the shelter, 6 dogs belong to Kim Ho who is a rescuer. While the female cat belongs to a volunteer. 

This is a not a free program, we pay RM150 for a female and RM120 for a male dog. A female cat costs RM90 and male cat is RM70.

The total cost of the neutering came up to RM1700. We are now appealing to public to help fund this program. Neutering is important to stop them from multiplying. Many strays suffer hunger, abuse and sickness. 

Please be kind enough to help them. We will organize more of this type of neutering program to help reduce the stray population in Hulu Langat. 

Finally, we would like to post a shout out on one of our frequently used slogans "Please Adopt, Don't Buy & Neuter, Don't Multiply!"

SPCA has arrived! 

The set up for surgery which was at our office

Don't be nervous Ninja

Ninja on the surgery table

Surgery by both Dr. Lim and Dr Puspa

This is Moon, a female dog

Moon, after surgery

This is Kim Ho's dog

Our mother cat on the surgery table

Gigi had been shaved

Kim Ho and her rescue

Miss Tan trying to lure the strays out from the farm

These were the dogs hidden behind the gate

Out they came for our "Paus" but we could not catch this one, she was very alert and could sense that something was not right. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Neutering/Spaying Session 1

On 6th December, we sent our sheltered dogs to SPCA Selangor to be spayed/castrated. A total of 11 dogs (6 females and 5 males) have been desexed. Thanks to Dr. Lim and Dr. Puspa who performed the surgery. We were paying RM150 for females and RM120 for males, total charge came up to RM1500. 

We also scheduled another mass neutering on 10 more dogs and 4 cats, some of them are strays from Hulu Langat. It was done on 11th December at our shelter (photos to follow in next blog post).

This means we would need another RM1800 for the surgery. The total neutering cost is now RM3,300. 

We would like to appeal for some contributions from the public. For a shelter with 300+ dogs, we really need all the help we can get to carry on our works. 

Getting our dogs into the SPCA van

The van has arrived at the SPCA clinic in Ampang

VIPs being carried into the clinic

Good Boy, pls step into the clinic now...

Gillian on the surgery table

Mandy was about to wake up from surgery

Surgery done! 

This is Ginny being carried into the van after the surgery

Debbie, Castle and Hercules back at shelter after the surgery. They could walk about several hours after the procedure

The total charge of de-sexing 11 dogs (not cats)