Thursday, October 23, 2014

Updates on Karina

Karina's heart scan result shows righted weak heart which causes bloated stomach (on top of the low protein factor). 

Three days in the cage at the vet's depressed her a bit.......

On Saturday (18th Oct),  Karina vomited half an hour after her medication, and the fluid that was drawn out had some blood, the vet managed to draw out 30ml of the fluid and continued to do so on Sunday
We brought her rice with chicken and it is nice to see her having such good appetite, she finished all the rice! 

Rest well, Karina.

Below are the vet bills stating treatment cost for Karina. We would like to say a big Thank You to Michelle for offering to sponsor Karina and Grace Chang for covering Karina's vet bills! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Karina was rescued on 12th October (though this posting is a bit late, we still wish to tell her story)

Few of us volunteers were on our way to the shelter, we saw this dog, almost furless (scabies condition), standing at the edge of a bridge , staring down for a long time into a river, we reckon she must be thirsty and could not figure out how to drink the river water.

We got down from the car and brought her water and rice. She ate hungrily and drank thirstily. She was a pitiful sight, she has a bloated stomach, her body was infested with fleas and ticks, her eyes were also covered with thick discharge. We decided to bring her to vet for treatment.

She was diagnosed to have no distemper and no heartworm but she has tick fever which requires medication of 28 days of Doxyclyllin. A blood test indicated low protein which could cause the bloated stomach . We have to boost up her protein level by giving her very nutritious food. After the vet visit, she is placed for foster care with one of the volunteers. After we have sprayed her with Frontline that kills hundred of ticks and fleas, she slept with some peace at last. 

We will bring her for further x ray or ultra sound test  to further ascertain her internal problems.
We know she will recover in a few weeks time, after that, we will put her at the shelter, she will never need to roam around in vain for food and water again!

Drank non-stop when some clean water. She must have been So Thirsty!

The ears were full of ticks !

                                             She was famished and gobbled down the food in no time

The vet checking her torn uterus.

Positive for Tick Fever. Negative for Heartworm 

Shy and timid at the clinic. Squeezed herself into a corner.

She approached us for help, she is very friendly and trusting to us. We pulled out many ticks, big and small ones, from many parts of her body.

These were some of the hundreds of ticks and fleas that were removed from Karina's face, ears and body.We had removed much more earlier.

A bloated stomach, such a pitiful sight

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dogathon Event 2014 : Battlefield, In Dogs We Trust!

The Dogathon Event this year was a huge success with a record participation of 1,216 canines!
Second Chance would like to thank the organizing committee for allocating us a booth and all supporters who dropped by.

Below are some photos taken at the event

Students from the UPM's Veterinary Science Faculty were showing so much love and passion for the canines

2 members/volunteers of Dogathon Event Organizing Committee dressing up to the theme - Battlefield

Aunty Kim as Representative of Second Chance was invited to give out pressies to 3 of the winning furkids

Crowd pullers were none other than puppies! 

Our lil' "ambassador" attracting people to the booth by sitting and looking cute on the table! 

Falling asleep after working so hard

Finally asleep! 

Aishah, one of the up and coming veterinarians who dropped by to pay us a visit

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Run for A Second Chance Event

We are happy to announce that Run for A Second Chance Event was a success. Thanks to all parties involved (Organizing Committee: HELPing Paws of HELP University, Various sponsors:  Eukanuba,, RedBox, Farm in The City, Lost World of Tambun, kind folks who sponsored kids to join in the Run, our supporters and volunteers and all who have contributed towards the success of the Run- we can't thank you enough!

Here are some photos of the event

Pre event prep work

The Organizers sorting out the race kit for collection prior to the day of the Run

Participants doing warm up exercises prior to the Run

Flag off! 

Happy couple Geeta & her husband . Thank you for all the support towards this run event & Eukanuba food donation campaign

Thank You to Lauren & Family for supporting us at the Run event

Many thanks to the volunteers who turned up today! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Elsa's makeover

Juliana believes and shares the same concept like us : " Adopt, Don't Buy; Neuter, Don't Multiply "
"What adoption means to a stray/homeless furkid? It is not just giving them a place to stay in. To them, it is a place to find hope, love, safety and joy! If you can't rescue, please adopt. If you can't adopt, please share to create awareness. Stop buying, start adopting. This is Elsa, an abandoned blind Shih Tzu from puppy mill blessed with a second chance" (In a previous post, Elsa has been adopted by Madeline, this post is to show the journey she has come thus far, Thanks to Juliana (rescuer) and Madeline (adopter) for giving Elsa a second chance!) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pre Adoption Day Bath Time

We just wanted to say a big Thank you to our long time supporters - Geeta and her mom for dropping by to give the furkids a bath a day prior to IOI Mall Adoption Drive.

The help means a lot to us and the furkids, by being clean and smelling great, chances of these "VIPs" getting adopted were surely increased!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thanks Alicia

Thanks Alicia for coming to help at the shelter! We hope you enjoyed it. Our furkids sure liked your company!