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Yikes… Mama Is Under The Weather

 Hello there! So sorry that we haven't been posting on the blog much lately. We were so busy attending to our daily life and most importantly, moving all the doggies to our new shelter. We do updated our FB on a daily basis, if you want to know more about what's happening, do follow us on Facebook here, and do remember to click 'subscribe' or 'get notification' so that our news will pop up on you Facebook feed when there is an updates!

And now, let's meet one of our sweet heart - Mama.

Four years ago, mama was rescued along with her husband and three of her pups after being abused by the cruel people in the neighbourhood - by throwing stones at them and even trying to burn them with fire to get rid of them. We seriously could not imagine all the hardships that they had gone through before being rescued and sent to put shelter. Initially, they were taken in by SCAS but sadly, two of her puppies did not make it. 

Poor Mama has not been eating very well lately. So one of the volunteer sent her to the vet for a quick check up and only to find that she is feverish. Luckily, she is only having fever and not tick fever which could be fatal in chronic stage.

So here it is, our brave girl - Mama getting some blood drawn for doing a blood test. 

Mama and her family need a loving home. So please help spreading words to find them a place to call home. All of us do agree that shelter is never the best place to call home right?

If you would love to help Mama and her family but adoption is not something feasible in your current situation. Let's help them by sponsoring their food and medication at RM50 a month. It only takes RM50 a month to help a poor dog. Do drop us a love note for more info: 

For whatever you do, do remember: small steps make a big difference. Please help us to help the dogs in away way you can! XoXo

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Second Chance Shelter's Voice


From Our Volunteer:
“ I have been with Second Chance aka Paws Mission for 4years now.The shelter started of with 12 puppies to now over 300 dogs,its not a small figure mind you.We have received numerous SOS from public to help rescue/take in and etc....if its 2years back the shelter will definitely take them in BUT not now.For those who have been to the shelter(now) will know why.The run the shelter with the current "guest" we have right now will easily cost us RM13k to RM15k.Where do we get all this to run the shelter(God knows where) We have to ask the public to donate to help/Run adoption Drive/Fund Raising.And most of the time we barely able to get half the actual expenses.
When you say "I've seen a dog....can you take them in?
I can tell you now for sure, We're sorry we can't right now.
But its just one dog it doesn't matter to add another one to the current 300+
Do you know the shelter has very limited space and we are always short of manpower to help on groundwork(cleaning/feeding/bathing the dogs). And do you know we only have 4-5 groundwork team to handle 300+ dogs (its no joke and its tiring)
Their family have been complaining that the ground work team people spend more time in the shelter then at home.Why do they do that?Just because their undying love for this fur kids,that's why.They are getting thinner and thinner each day and not enough rest.Why?Because there so many irresponsible people dump their dogs or rescued dogs to us each day. Who is going to help us when we help you?
So before you blame us for not helping you,why don't you do a little bit more, rather than just throw the ball to us.  We only depends on public donations. AND ITS NOT EASY TO HANDLE 300+ DOGS IN THE SHELTER.

THANK YOU for taking time to read this post. “

From Our Another Volunteer:
“ Before getting to know about 2nd Chance, I went to volunteer at one of the "bigger" NGOs that I won't name here.

I was basically told that they have TOO MANY HELPERS, but "if you want to come...I guess you can come since you're only one person". That's the kind of attitude I received, because they really have a lot of helpers. Corporate volunteers on a weekly basis, 3 workers on site every day. The people in charge of the volunteers just sit in the office and do admin stuff. And the volunteer's work? Walk and bath the dogs.

In 2nd Chance, from the few months I've helped out so far, there's shit to clean, dogs to bath, dogs to feed, more shit to clean. If you don't think feeding dogs is hardwork, try feeding 300 dogs and making sure they don't fight.

I don't see the shelter people do any admin work at the shelter, cos there's simply no time...all have to do it at home on their own free time.  We are humble and only have few hands to help work.

We encourage anybody with intentions of performing long-term volunteer work to come approach us. Most of our senior members are women who are not getting any younger.

THank you for listening to me too!

IOI Mall Adoption Drive on 1st Dec 2103

on 1st Dec 2013

Million Thank You to:

All of You who support our Mission : 

    Adopt & Save a Life



Our youngest & most hardworking volunteer, Ms Sonia
Thanks to Evelyn, Pearly, Pui Yi & Jasmine, our Regular event volunteers !
Hanael Oh (Birthday Girl) (far ight) Yao Hong, Yansun & Yinny.
 Even on her birthday, she came to help us out and she brought her friends too !  Thank You

Selling our Merchandize for fund raising.
Home made cup cakes for fund raising donated by Yan Wei & friends
Andrea adopted Thomas
Samantha adopted Tason

Mr & Mrs Vimalan adopted Hewie
The kids from Lee family adopted Timmy

Han Zhi Yao adopted Luisa
The Lee family adopted Emma & Jeremy
Lucky Pepper was adopted by Raymond's Family

Tara was chosen by Ms Manju

Our friendly and helpful volunteers from UM

Our friendly and helpful volunteeers from UM
Big Thank you to our Friendly and helpful volunteers from Universiti Malaya:

Goh Yuen Suen
Lee Siew Ming
Chang Hoay Yuen
Soh Shi Hao
Chan Sui Ping
Susan Tan
Jenny Koh
Chew Chon Chye
Heng Miao Ye
Lim Chan Yuen
Loo xing Wei
Jessica Yap
Lui Mee Eng
Eng Kah Foon
Kee Qiao Yuin
Wong Chu Ting
Queenie Lee Quee Peng
Yew Chen

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Thank you to our new shelter fund's donor - October 2013

Second Chance would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the following generous and kind donors who have contributed to our new shelter building fund for the month of October.  Thank you very much for your deep concern towards our shelter doggies and may you all be blessed abundantly.

Sim Hui Ling
Sim Hui Wei
Voon Shi Jing
Elaine Chuah & Mun
Wawasan Hiking Group
Tan Si
Catherine Pua
Leong Wan Peck
Kwok Lai Yong & friends
Ng Li Yin
Marilyn Tan
Koh Chun Hoh
Happy Dogz
Dr. Lee 

Handsome Nelson wants to say thank you !

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100 Pieces Limited Edition Colour Changing Mugs on Sale now


This is the 2nd Edition of our Colour Changing Mug at RM36.00 per pc , after pouring some warm water into it, the strays found home (inside a house) . It is a very meaningful mug to have. Please support us to help our 300++ furkids

To make a booking, please PM us via Facebook  or email us at and we will endeavour to reply as soon as practical.  Please make sure you receive a REPLY though.

Price per mug: RM36
Delivery: + RM12

Self collect = RM36, and delivery = RM48

Thank you!

Wuchai had his first try on his wheelchair

Finally Wuchai has a wheelchair custom made for him.
It may not look like a comfortable one but there is a valid reason behind this design- It is designed this way to encourage Wuchai to rely more on his own to move, if it's made too comfy he will not try hard to use his muscles, which can be detrimental to him in the long run.  Moreoever the wheelchair is an adjustable one, so not to worry!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update on Wuchai

Wuchai's wound is too big and too wide for it to heal properly. As such, the vet suggested to stitch it up to speed up the healing process. Here you will see Wuchai also wearing socks, that is to prevent hurting his legs too much when he drags his hind legs to walk around. 

Exploring around while waiting at the clinic....

Wuchai hid his head inside the shelf so we could not see him...or so he thought :P 

Cleansing the wound with saline water.

Stitching up the wound.

Wound stitched up 

Back at fosterer's house- A gentle touch like that already has melted his heart...

Feelling Loved!!

His right buttock side has been bandaged.

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